2022 Spring STEM101 Series

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Build a Circuit using 3D Design Software  – Craig Adams Instructor – In this course students will learn how to use Computer Aided Design or CAD software to Design, 3D Print and build a small circuit using LED’s, Resistors and Switches!  Kids learn about simple electronics principles like Ohms Law, learn to Solder components, build an enclosure (box) using a Laser Cutter/Engraver!  Parents may want to join us with this one as they won’t want the kids to have ALL of the fun!

Coding & Electronic Experimentation with the PIPER Computer – Craig Adams InstructorStudents in this course will not only construct the computer they will use, but they will learn Circuitry and Electronics, Coding and Engineering in the process!  Students learn coding and electronics principles through a “MineCraft” like environment.  


Music Production using the MAKEY MAKEY – Craig Adams InstructorDon’t know what a “Makey Makey” is??  Check it out here.  We will take the Makey Makey, PlayDoh or even Bananas, and use Scratch coding to make our own music, AND record those “beats”!  Sounds like fun right?  

Cricut Design Space- Craig Adams InstructorEver heard of a “Cricut”?  The Cricut is a “die-cutting machine” that allows you to cut out intricate designs out of a huge variety of materials.  This course is actually open to both Parents AND their children!  Want to learn about how to use the Cricut?  Bring a child and come on down!  We will be making designs for T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs as well as cutting out some cool designs out of Wood!   This is a great opportunity to get a jump on next years holiday gift making too.

  • Duration – 2 Sessions (10pm – 1pm)
  • Dates Offered – March 12th and April 2nd (no fooling)
  • Suggested Grade Level – K – 8th graders
  • Location – 101 North Seventh Street
  • Cost – $ 60
  • Reserve a seat for Cricut Design Space

Building and Coding using the Microbit – Craig Adams and Jon Sessions Instructors –  This course is being offered in two parts – part one is for those NEW to using the Microbit – part two is for those interested in taking it a step farther!  

In Part One, we begin with using the Microbit to learn simple coding, perform some experiments and show how to integrate what a user “codes” to the “physical world”.  In other words, you’ll begin to answer the question “What can I do with this thing?”  Students will keep their microbit used in Part One.

In Part Two, we go ‘deep’ in how can we use the Microbit as a controller for a ROBOT that students not only build, but they do a little “LEGO design” in the process.  Students learn simple motor and servo control as well as how to use the microbit as a radio control device.  Kids have the opportunity to purchase their finished robot at the end of this series, but it is NOT required.

Part ONE

  • Duration – 3 Sessions (10pm – 1pm)
  • Dates Offered – April 9th, 23rd and 30th
  • Suggested Grade Level – 3rd – 8th graders
  • Location – 101 North 7th Street
  • Cost – $ 90
  • Reserve a seat for Microbits – Part ONE

Part TWO

  • Duration – 3 Sessions (10pm – 1pm)
  • Dates Offered – May 7th, 14th, and 21st
  • Suggested Grade Level – 5th – 8th graders
  • Location – GRAVITY office, 1000 Pannell St. Columbia Mo.
  • Cost – $ 90
  • Reserve a seat for Microbits – Part TWO