Litter can have a negative impact on both land and water-dwelling wildlife. Animals can ingest inedible materials, such as plastic packaging and cigarette butts. They come away with a better understanding of how littering impacts our local community! Even the smallest of people can make the biggest impact. 

Our Litter Art and Essay Contest invites students to create a piece of artwork that represents litter or litter prevention. This can be anything as creative and imaginative as you can imagine. It can be as simple as a sketch or painting or as complex as a collage or sculpture.  The medium is completely up to you.  Please try to use limited or NO text in your artwork.  Any text that is included on the artwork itself must be related and enhance the message of the artwork.  In addition to your artwork, you will be asked to submit short description or essay separate from the artwork that explains how your artwork connects to the theme of litter.

You can learn more about litter by going to the City of Columbia – Litter Prevention page .  Here you will find research related to litter that can help inspire your artwork and essay.

The contest is free and open to students in Kindergarten through 8th grade . Students will be divided into one of three groups based on age: K-2nd grade, 3rd – 5th grade, and 6th – 8th grade.  Please read the rules and guidelines below to ensure your artwork qualifies. 

To participate in our contest…

Prizes awarded for…

  • Grand Prize – BEST OVERALL DESIGN – (1 winner) $25 Gift Card
  • First Prize – Best use of recycled materials. (2 winners)
  • Second Prize – (3 winners) $15 Gift Card
  • Third Prize – – (3 winners) $10 Gift Card

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