Protect our Local Waterways

The volume of garbage in our rivers, lakes, and oceans has become a global crisis. Stormwater carries litter from roads, parks, and sidewalks into streams where it can break down and harm critical habitats. What if we were able to catch the litter BEFORE it made it to our water ways?

To participate in our contest you’ll need to first REGISTER. Look through your own recycling to collect other items you might use to build your device then, design a litter catcher that will prevent various types of litter from entering the water system. The design and creation is up to YOU! Since true engineering requires testing and re-design, if needed we can supply you with a plastic gutter that you can use to test your design or test it in your own way. Test and apply any changes that improve your litter catchers then submit a short video (either to YouTube and supply us the link or upload to our site) showing your design and how it works. .

Here’s an example of a working litter trap in the Chattahoochee River in Georgia.

  1. Submit a set of plans for the device. This should consist of a set of drawings showing your litter catcher from either as a “3 view” (top, front and right side) or as a “sketch” (freehand drawing). Be sure to label the different parts you use. You can use Tinkercad for an additional prize.
  2. Submit a short (30 second) video of your device in action.
  3. When you’ve collected your plans and made your video, click below to submit your entry!
  4. Once the competition is over, we will collect the gutter pieces to re-use them in future contests.
  5. SUBMIT your work (plans and video) here!
  • Deadline for submitting your work is Feb. 19th!

Prizes awarded for…

  • Grand Prize – BEST OVERALL DESIGN – (1 winner) $25 Gift Card
  • First Prize – Best use of recycled materials. (2 winners) $20 Gift Card
  • Second Prize – (3 winners) $15 Gift Card
  • Third Prize – – (3 winners) $10 Gift Card

Entries will close on 12th 2021. Contest Winners will be contacted by email.

Featured Supporters

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