You will need…

  • AAA Battery
  • AA Battery (to wrap your windings)
  • 3-4 pieces of “doorbell wire” 14″-16″ long
  • Neodynium magnets (I got mine at Westlakes!)
  • 1/8″ or 5/16″ nut or washer
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Patience!

Note on Neodynium Magnets – When you’re buying the magnets it’s important to get magnets that are the same diameter (or a little smaller) than the battery you are using for your power. My battery choice was a AAA battery and I bought two packages of magnets – one smaller (.472″) than the AAA battery and another package larger (.709″). I used the larger batteries to help “boost” the power of the motor.

STEP One: Stack all of your magnets. These magnets are VERY strong! Be careful using them around small children w/ small “pinch-able” fingers.
STEP Two: Place the battery on the stack of magnets. Now place the small nut (or washer) on the top of the battery. This is the “power source” for your motor.
STEP Three: It’s now time to make your “armatures”. Strip off all of the plastic from your wires. I used my finger nails to do this, but a wire stripper works well too. Get your AA battery. Now find the middle of the wire and begin wrapping two or three windings around the battery (we’re using the AA battery so that our windings fit around our AAA battery easily).
STEP Four: To finish our armatures, we need to keep in mind that the coil we just made needs to fit around the .472″ magnets (the smaller ones) for our motor to work. You can bend your armature in a number of styles. The first one I tried was a simple coil or “helix” shape. It worked but needed to be tweaked quite a bit to get it to freely spin. The best seemed to be the “heart” shape. It worked perfectly the first time.
Here’s a short video of my finished monopolar motor in action!