You will need…

  • election signage (1 will do)
  • Either a Utility Knife (somewhat safer) or X-acto knife (sharper but danger factor goes up) – Adult Supervision should be used with whatever knife that is chosen!
  • Some type of straightedge like a yard stick
  • ruler – if your straightedge device doesn’t have
  • a hot glue gun – Again, Adult Supervision required with the glue gun!

STEP OneADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED – Very carefully cut at least three – one inch (1″) strips off of the yard sign. We’ll use two of them to make our “Cross-stick Boomerang” and use the remaining one for our “Tumble-stick”. Make sure you cut “with the grain” of the plastic and NOT across. You can see that in the picture above. Also, take your time and be careful to NOT let the knife “ride up” the ruler edge and cut your fingers!

Finished “sticks” ready for the next step!

STEP Two – For our “Cross-stick” take two of the sticks and find the middle of both sticks. Use your hot glue gun to glue the sticks into an X. Make sure that the sticks are placed evenly and at 90 degrees angles from each other.

STEP Three – Measure one-third of the way up each “wing” of the cross-stick and use your utility or x-acto knife to “score” the plastic. We do this so we can bend the wing to about a 10 degree angle on all four wings. In the next step we’ll glue them in place.

STEP Four – Use your hot glue gun and glue the wings so that they remain at about a 10 degree angle. I used the glue gun to squirt some glue in the score mark I made and then glued over the entire area. It will work without gluing, but the flight is much more predictable and the boomerang will last longer with gluing the wings in place.

STEP Five – Go outside and fly your new Boomerangs!