Certification Overview

We are partnering with Jefferson Middle School to provide their Makerspace and STEAM electives with a tool certification process.  Students wishing to participate sign up by accessing the link located at the bottom of this page.  Most of the equipment in the JMS Makerspace as well as the STEAM Electives is available for use by students with instructor approval. These are items that pose very low safety risk and are not overly complicated to use. Some of the equipment, however, is more complex and is capable of injuring someone if used improperly. These pieces of equipment require certification for use.  These items might include the Cricut cutter, the Glowforge Laser engraver, etc…

Certifications can be completed by any current student at Jefferson Middle School. The certification process involves reading the overview for the particular piece of equipment, answering a short quiz, then demonstrating basic knowledge of the equipment. Reading the overview and answering the quiz can be done online. Demonstrations require in-person evaluation.  Students completing the certification are asked to upload a digital picture of themselves with their instructor AND the item they constructed for the certification.

Certifications only need to be completed one time unless equipment changes or on the advice of a Makerspace host or STEAM elective instructor.

Makerspace Certifications