Recruiting Classroom Mentors NOW for Fall of 2022-2023 School Year

We are currently working collaboratively with 5th and 6th grade teachers to support students in advanced mathematics at Columbia Public Schools STEM schools, Benton Elementary and Jefferson Middle, a STEAM Academy. Our overall goal is to increase the number of underserved students in advanced mathematics and to increase access to STEM careers. Currently supporting STEM through classroom mentors and tutoring during student’s intervention time. 

Want to be a Classroom Mentor?

A mentor in the classroom supports everyone’s learning. The mentor follows the lesson and circulates during work time to assist students. Assisting the teacher to reach a greater number of students for individual assistance is the goal.  Interested in becoming a Mentor?  Follow these easy steps…

  • Step 1: Contact Betsy Jones
    • Contact Betsy Jones, the Math Mentor Program Coordinator and schedule an observation and introductory session. 
  • Step 2: Introduction Session
    • Meet with Betsy Jones to complete the Family Care and Safety Registry, schedule the finger printing, and order a name badge. Training includes the following; math pedagogy, math resources, and some key tips to working in the classroom with middle school students.
  • Step 3: Classroom mentoring
    • The mentor trainee will observe Betsy in an 6th grade advanced math classroom at Jefferson Middle School (beginning at 8:20 or 10:29) per mentors preference. This can be done multiple times until the mentor trainee is comfortable to work with the teacher and students. The mentor will then schedule their day and time for classroom mentoring weekly.