2021 Fall STEM101 Series

Rapid Prototyping for the Holidays – Toy Design – Sean Dwyer Instructo– In this course students will learn how to design safe, educational, & entertaining toys for children from infants to tweens. Students will study top selling toys to determine what characteristics are sought after by both parents and kids. Using Tinkercad, students will create three dimensional designs which will then be printed, assembled, and painted. Students will be able to engage in a similar process of toy design that industry professionals take to make the top selling toys seen in stores all over the world.

All Things Golden – Dr. Ann Schlemper – Columbia College Mathematics Professor Instructor – The Greek letter phi represents the Golden Ratio or golden number. This number appears in natures, human anatomy, art and architecture.  In this course, Dr. Schlemper will explore with you these various applications of phi and create art using the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence.

Piper Coding and Computing – Craig Adams Instructor Enrollment is now open for our first course of our Fall STEM Series. Piper Coding and Computing is a series of five Electronics and Programing classes that will begin on October 16th. This series of sessions will focus on 5 areas: Building a Computer, Circuitry and Electronics, Coding, Science and Engineering and Deconstruction and Environmental Impacts.

  • Instructor – Craig Adams
  • Duration – 5 Sessions (9am – 11:30 am)
  • Dates OfferedOctober 16th & 30th, November 13th, December 4th & 18th.  
  • Suggested Grade Level – 3rd – 8th graders
  • Location101 North 7th Street 
  • Cost – $175
  • Reserve a seat for Piper Coding and Computing (This class is in progress!)

Designing Public Spaces – Mike Heimos – The challenge: Students will design a piece of land into a public space. Have you ever seen an outdoor space and wondered “Why doesn’t someone put a park there?” Working as a team with a local STEM mentor (Mike Heimos with the Sustainability Dept. of the City of Columbia) students present their vision of the future public open space through a model design. Students will build a scale model of their city’s public space (built with recycled materials).

The single most important ingredient in any city is people. And people need a variety of public spaces throughout their city, both indoors and outdoors, where they can meet, relax, play, learn, connect, share cultures, create community, and build civic identity. When city planners and engineers develop public spaces they don’t just consider open fields or existing parks and plazas, they look at sites such as abandoned buildings, old railway lines, waterways (rivers, lakes, ponds), former industrial areas, and the single largest land asset in any city—the streets and sidewalks.

  • Instructor – Mike Heimos – City of Columbia Education & Outreach Coordinator
  • Duration – Single Session (8am – 11am)
  • Dates Offered – November 6th
  • Suggested Grade Level – 3rd – 5th graders
  • Location – 101 North 7th Street
  • Cost – This is a Free Event!
  • Reserve a seat for The Power of Public Spaces with Mike Heimos (This class is FULL!)

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