Pick of the Week – 10/26/2020

When I ran the STEAM Bus for CPS, I always seemed to struggle with how to make the “A” in STEAM a Big A instead of a small “a”… I wish this product was around back then…

EarSketch is our Pick of the Week for 10/26/20. EarSketch is a product created at Georgia Techs Center for Music Technology. It’s a coding program based on the popular programming language, Python, and is used in middle and high schools to teach students how to code and create music. Watch this short video below to learn more about the product.

The platform has easy to follow lessons on how to begin “mixing music” as well as competitions that kids can participate in to win prizes. EarSketch is sponsored by some “heavy hitters” like the NSF, Google, and the Blank Foundation.

Give it a try!

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