Pick of the Week 9/14/20


STEM PICK OF THE WEEK – This weeks pick of the week is a little late, I was away fishing. But that’s another long fish story for another day… I found this cool stem site that has three great activities for someone to do with kids at home.

K-2 & 3-5

The first two activities are really safe and appropriate for kids ages k-5. Two are very “traditional”, Making your own Volcano & “LEGOs everywhere”
Building the Volcano called for some parent supervision but it was one I always wanted to try since Peter built one on “The Brady Bunch”! I’m gonna try it with my grandkids!


The third activity is a little ambitious. It requires a purchase of an Arduino device, but I’ve actually done this activity and it was a lot of fun! It says that parents might have more fun than the kids, but older kids will love this!It’s really a great idea for an activity to get kids to start coding.