Pick of the Week 9/28/20

Daniel Boone Library STEAM Kits – 9/28/20

STEAM Kits Catalog Page

Our STEM Pick of the Week for 9/28/20 is… The Daniel Boone Regional Library! . We’re very fortunate to have the library that we have here in Columbia! I’m really happy to see that our local library has begun looking at a ways to share STEM related kits to local patrons! Recently they started a promotion of their newest kits for STEAM education. These kits check out for one week at a time. You can search for them on their catalog and see their various themes and place holds on them. Kits are housed at the library, but can be picked up at any library/bookmobile stop by placing a hold or asking their staff.

Getting Started with DBRL STEAM Kits

I have worked with both the Dash and Cubelet Robots on the STEAM Bus. Both of those kits are appropriate for use up to middle school age kids. I’ve not used the Code-a-Pillar robot, but it get’s high marks on it’s reviews. Sounds like one I’ll be checking out for my grandkids!I spoke to the library and they have approximately 50 kits per selection, but they are in high demand right now so if you want to check them out, get on the site and reserve them.