The Columbia STEM Alliance is a network of teachers, STEM professionals, and students who bring STEM to life. We work to increase community awareness of the important role that STEM plays in improving the odds for success, supporting economic stability, and improving health. This network is responding in force to the shortage of Face Shields.

Let’s protect those who are fighting on the frontlines.

Donation Process

Columbia STEM Alliance has partnered with Columbia Public Schools, Columbia Police Department, Boone County, and the MUCOVID task force to design and build face shields for use by local health care workers and first responders.

All donated completed face shields will be given to the Office of Emergency Management. The Office of Emergency Management will disperse as needed.

Back to Business | Purchase Face Shields

As we gradually reopen businesses, we know there is still a lot of uncertainty. We want to do our part to support businesses. Face shields are now available for businesses and individuals to buy at the cost of $15 per face shield.

How To Purchase a Face Shield

  • Enter Payment Amount 
    • For example, If you want 3 face shields, 3×15, the total amount $45. 
  • Provide additional information in the Message section – such as business name, how many face shields, etc.