Rules and Requirements

These are the minimum requirements for this challenge. The “Judging Information” section below will provide additional guidance on how your project will be judged.

Challenge Requirements

  • Your Recycle-Bot needs to have a purpose
  • Your Recycle-Bot must be made from only materials that can be recycled that are commonly found in a classroom or home
  • Your Recycle-Bot may NOT contain any VEX or LEGO parts

Entries must:

  • Include a written presentation between 500-1000 words
  • Include a presentation title, team name if appropriate, and name(s) of the entrant in the written presentation
  • Include pictures (up to 3) that detail the Recycle-Bot in the written presentation
  • Be in either a PDF format (maximum file size: 20MB) or scanned.
  • Be original – Work submitted in previous or different online contests or challenges may not be repurposed for this submission
  • Be completed by students.  Adult mentors may help with tools, if needed for safety and help with submitting entries, but students should be the ones completing the project
  • Be uploaded to the Columbia STEM Alliance site during the submission process (detailed instructions below)

Instructions to upload your Presentation:

  • Fill out the submission form and type your text in the Full Description box according to the Requirements for this challenge. 
  • Click Save
  • Click the blue Files/Images button in the upper right of the screen. 
  • Drag/Drop your PDF file into the Upload a File box.
  • Be sure to edit the Display Name and file information according to the Requirements for this challenge
  • Save your edits and click Update on the entry screen
  • Your submission will now show when you click the blue All Entries button to view the challenge entries

Caution: Failure to fulfill any of these requirements will result in your entry from advancing to Finalist judging