Contest Description

Our second challenge is for students to create an “autonomous” robot that picks up specific pieces of trash…

  • 3 wadded up pieces of colored paper – red, blue and yellow
  • an empty soda can,
  • a “six-pack” holder, and
  • a piece of your choosing.

These 6 pieces of trash are to be randomly placed inside a 6 foot by 6 foot “playing surface” taped on the floor (black or white tape should be used).

Team Restrictions

  • All robot teams should have a name and ALL team members should be listed on the Registration page prior to performing the Challenge.  
  • Teams will be limited to 3 team members (or less).  

Robot Specifications

  • A robot must fit within an area of 12”(l) x 12”(w) x 12”(h).
  • Autonomous class: Robots must be autonomous. The control of the robot must be contained within the Mindstorms or VEX robot and cannot receive external signals or directions (human, machine, or otherwise).

Robot Restrictions

  • All Recyclebots must be constructed of 100% unmodified LEGO, VEX or other robot platform parts (no cutting, gluing, melting, or other modification or modified pieces – with the exception of something to label the robot). The robots can use three motors and four sensors.  
  • Participants are allowed to use only the same robot throughout the whole event.  Repair of the robots is allowed. Replacing the robot is NOT allowed.

Submission of final results

  • Contestants will submit a short video of their  recyclebot in action AND a copy of their programming to the  Recyclebot/Submission file on the website.  


  • All team members that successfully complete the Challenge will receive a $10 gift certificate.

Flexibility of Rules

  • As long as the concept and fundamentals of the rules are observed, these rules shall be flexible enough to encompass the changes in the contents of matches and will be based on the judge’s discretion.