2020 Contest Winners

It’s time! Time for us to roll out the Socially Distant Candy Contest…

Are you worried that Trick or Treating is going to be cut short due to Covid-19? Want to do something about it? Help us find a way to deliver or receive candy while maintaining social distance. The Columbia STEM Alliance will be sponsoring our second annual contest, called the…

Socially Distant Candy Distribution/Collection Contest! WHEW! That’s a mouthful…

To participate in this contest you’ll need to register for the contest, design and then build a “Socially Distant Candy Device” for Halloween that not only is ground breaking, innovative, and awe-inspiring but most importantly SAFE.

STEP One – Register for the Contest

Prizes awarded for…

  • Grand Prize – BEST OVERALL DESIGN – (1 winner) $25 Gift Card (sponsored by the Columbia STEM Alliance)
  • First Prize – BEST USE OF RECYCLED MATERIALS – Everyone looks forward to the most festive time of year—when you get to wear a fun costume and get oodles of free candy! All these free candies and trinkets sometimes get thrown by the wayside. Being mindful of the ecosystems around you by properly throwing away or recycling your waste can save the lives of those who call our local streams and waterways home!
  • Second Prize – BEST USE OF TINKERCAD – use the web app “Tinkercad” to create your design – (1 winner) $15 Gift Card
  • Third Prize – MOST WORKING PARTS or “The Rube Goldberg” Awards – (3 winners) $10 Gift Card

Register Here

STEP Two – Get a Copy of the Rules.

We’ve made it easy to submit your entry for this contest. We’re following the Project Lead the Way Design Process, so we’ll ask you some questions on how you went about designing your device and, we ask you to do the following…

2021 Rules for the Contest

  1. Submit a set of plans for the device. You can use Tinkercad for an additional prize.
  2. Submit a short (30 second) video of your device in action.
  3. When you’ve collected your plans and made your video, click below to submit your entry!

STEP Three – Build your device & Submit your Entry

Submit your final entries here!

Entries will close on Oct. 29th, 2021. Contest Winners will be chosen by November 3rd, 2021 (to give you time to actually use it for Halloween?).

Featured Partner – City of Columbia Office of Sustainability