Registration runs through Dec. 22nd, 2020.

This is a perfect STEM learning project for the coming Holiday months. Our Tinkercad “Solve a Problem” contest is a chance for you to create a solution for that problem that has been nagging you for some time. Or it might be an opportunity for you to create that “great new product” that that you feel people either want or need? Whatever the idea for the problem that you choose to solve, our contest has two age groups (grades 3-5 and grades 6-8).


Each problem solution must be submitted in the form of the “Four Steps to Solving a Problem” or – The I.D.E.A. Model. Problem Solving is a highly sought after skill, and the IDEA model is a simple yet effective four-step problem solving process \ Identify the problem, Develop solutions, Execute a plan and then Assess your results..

Here’s an example of a problem that was solved recently at Jefferson Middle School using Tinkercad.

Mr. Dwyer of JMS solves a problem using Tinkercad!

To participate in this contest you’ll need to…

Prizes awarded for…

  • Grand Prize – BEST OVERALL DESIGN – (1 winner) $25 Gift Card (sponsored by Columbia STEM Alliance )
  • First Prize – MOST USABLE ITEM – How “earth-friendly” can you make your design? – (2 winners) $20 Gift Card (sponsored by GRAVITY IT Services of Columbia)
  • Second Prize – BEST USE OF TINKERCAD – How advanced are your “Tinkercad” skills? – (3 winners) $15 Gift Card (sponsored by GRAVITY IT Services of Columbia)
  • Third Prize – MOST WORKING PARTS or “The Rube Goldberg” Awards – (3 winners) $10 Gift Card (sponsored by GRAVITY IT Services of Columbia)
  • ALL Winners will have their designs 3D printed!
Featured Partner – Gravity of Columbia