Pick of the Week – 11/23/2020


My grandkids actually turned me on to this site. They are BIG fans of PBS KIds! I was looking at some of the different “shows” and found “Cyberchase” (Gilbert Gotfried and Christopher Lloyd supply some of the voices so it had to be awesome!). What I found was that PBS has an entire set of activities that are geared towards advancing a childs STEM skills. Here’s what InformationWeek says about it…

“Join the cybersquad. Good guys only, please. PBS Kids show CyberChase offers a range of online resources for future CISOs, including activities and games geared toward learning math, code, and similar concepts.”

Games are fun and challenging. Activities are in pdf form so they can be printed off and minimum materials are required. Everything can be sorted by Topic so if you’re looking for an activity for “Fractions” or “Shapes” it’s easy to find. As I said, my grandkids like it so they give it a thumbs up! It does look like it’s for the younger kids, but I had fun playing one of the games! Have fun!!

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