NE7313:  Nuclear Science & Engineering for Secondary Science Teachers

A 3-Credit Hour Faculty Development Course on the University of Missouri-Columbia Campus

June 10 – 14, 2019

This one-week course is designed to support instructors who wish to develop a deeper understanding of nuclear science and to implement this information in their classroom.  The class is designed specifically for high school science teachers to provide the basics of nuclear science, types of radiation (including radiation detection and protection), industrial applications of nuclear science, and current and future nuclear power generation technologies (including the current fleet, and small modular and advanced reactor concepts). Presentations will be technically oriented at an introductory graduate level, and are structured for secondary teachers of physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, earth sciences, and related subjects.


The NE7313 class addresses the Next Generation Science Standards Disciplinary Core Ideas in the Physical Sciences, PS.1:  Matter and Its Interactions (including HS-PS1-8).


For an application form or additional information, visit or contact the course instructor, Dr. William Miller, at .

Costs for participation in this class are paid by course sponsors (please see “Credit, Housing, and Education Cost Waivers” section of the brochure in the URL above for more detailed information).

Contributing organizations that provide information and other resources used in the NE7313 course include: Ameren Missouri Callaway Energy Center, the University of Missouri Research Reactor, the American Nuclear Society, and the Health Physics Society.

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