Summer STEM Camp

Columbia is “rich” in STEM opportunities for those who can afford the cost. Of the 80+ STEM camps offered this past summer, the vast majority were cost prohibitive cost for the community’s most disadvantaged students as they ranged from $109 to $350 for a three-to-five day camp.

The Columbia STEM Alliance is actively working with Columbia College, The Central Missouri Food Bank, The Columbia Area Career Center and The University of Missouri School of Architectural Studies to provide summer STEM opportunities to students who otherwise cannot
access or afford these opportunities.

For the summer of 2018/19, the CSA in cooperation with the Boys and Girls Club of Columbia will develop a summer STEM program for grades 3-8. The CSA will provide teacher training and support in the classroom and Boys and Girls club after school activities throughout the 2018/19 school year. Funding will allow the CSA to recruit and train MU and Columbia College pre-service teachers to work directly with students to significantly expand the number of students impacted by and effectiveness of this program.