We are offering two different “Recyclebot” Competitions.  These competitions are  both virtual in nature and participants are asked to submit video evidence of their creations in action.

Recyclebot Challenge – Option #1

As we look around at the environment in our classrooms and homes, we see materials and supplies that can be recycled and repurposed into other useful things.  Using your creative, design, construction, and artistic abilities we want you to create a Recyle-Bot using items like paper rolls, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, cardboard boxes, empty cans, scrap wire, paint, markers, holiday wrapping paper, fabric, old clothing, etc.

In addition we want you to share the construction process, design challenges, and purpose of your Recycle-Bot in a written presentation supported by up to three(3) photos. The required written presentation must be a student(s) work describing the process of design and the fabrication all focused upon the “Purpose and recycled materials” of this robot.



To participate in this Challenge…

Recyclebot Challenge – Option #2 (for school/home robotics teams)

Many schools today have access to one or more types of “robotic platforms” such as LEGO or VEX.  Our second challenge is for students to create an “autonomous” robot that picks up specific pieces of trash…

  • 3 wadded up pieces of colored paper – red, blue and yellow
  • an empty soda can,
  • a “six-pack” holder,  and
  • a piece of your choosing.

These 6 pieces of trash are to randomly be placed inside a 6 foot by 6 foot “playing surface” taped on the floor (black or white tape should be used).

To participate in this Challenge…

Below are some helpful links for building your Recyclebot (for option #2)!