Columbia STEM Alliance

New for the Hollidays!! 

Rapid Prototyping for the Holidays – Toy Design

Enrollment is now open for our next course of our Fall STEM Series. In this course students will learn how to design safe, educational, & entertaining toys for children from infants to tweens. Students will study top selling toys to determine what characteristics are sought after by both parents and kids. Using Tinkercad, students will create three dimensional designs which will then be printed, assembled, and painted. Students will be able to engage in a similar process of toy design that industry professionals take to make the top selling toys seen in stores all over the world.

This course is meant for kids ages 8-14.  Parents are welcome to stay (as long as you can behave ;-). 

Enroll now! Space is limited to 12 students.

All Things Golden with Dr. Ann Schlemper

Enrollment is also open for THE GOLDEN RATION…The Greek letter phi represents the Golden Ratio or golden number. This number appears in natures, human anatomy, art and architecture.  In this course, Dr. Schlemper will explore with you these various applications of phi and create art using the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence.

Enroll Now! Space is limited to 12 students.

Scholarships are available.